Seminar to launch The War Between Trees and Grasses

Today (13 November) I made a presentation in IBERS Aberystwyth to mark the publication of my new book, The War Between Trees and Grasses. It was accompanied by a Twitterstorm (hashtag #wartreegrass) and resulted in an interesting and thoughtful Q&A session (as well as the sale of a few copies of the book). Here’s a transcript of the seminar Seminar transcript 13112017. I’ve Storified (sic) the Twitterstorm, thereby summarising the book in 50 bite-size bullets.

As an example of one of the illustrations from book and seminar, here’s Nebuchadnezzar (print by William Blake), whose story in the Book of Daniel is one of the foundation myths in the troubled liaison between trees, grass and humans (and might be one of the deep inspirations for Shakespeare’s King Lear).William_Blake_-_Nebuchadnezzar_(Tate_Britain)