Streaming Part 1

I’ve finally entered the vaguely surreal world of online music streaming. Through a portal by the odd name ‘DistroKid‘, I’ve been able to distribute tracks and albums to all the major streaming platforms eg Spotify (here’s the first uploaded track), iTunes etc. If you use any of these services, you can find this stuff by searching for ‘Sid Thomas’ – being aware that there’s at least one other person by this name, who it seems produces guitar-based Christian songs. To clear out the cupboard I’ll be uploading a lot of material that’s been hanging about in my archive for years. My ‘oeuvre’ (marvellously pretentious term) covers a wide range of styles, so you never know, you might find a few things of interest. More about this as the uploads get through. Very interesting experience, getting into this streaming lark, but I still think rumours of the death of CD are exaggerated – just look at the renaissance of vinyl.