Lip my reeds


A selection of audio clips featuring the clarinet and/or wind controller (though ‘controller’ is a bit of a misnomer – I have found it a difficult instrument to tame, as you can tell from some of the odd squawks in these performances). Pieces are originals except where the composer is [indicated]. An album, Reeding Aloud, is available on Spotify, iTunes and other platforms.

Blues for Andrew Hughes [Parry]
Changed my shades
A hammer for the boy
Idle weeds
The lost cause [Parry]
My back pages [Dylan]
Room 32/33
Song of the Saltings
Song sun bird morning
Tell me something I don’t know
Um tut sut
West of Plynlimon [Potter]

Here’s a video clip of me with Nance Wilson and the David Ward Trio, performing Smile (Chaplin)

Here I am, in isolation during the Great Plague of 2020, making noises in the spring sunshine.

Here’s another clip from the Age of Contagion.

And yet again, the sound of social distancing as we say good/bye/riddance to April 2020. 

And here’s a link to Counsel to girls, a setting of Robert Herrick’s poem encouraging maidens to carpe diem. Sam Christie shot the video.