Lip my reeds


A selection of audio clips featuring the clarinet and/or wind controller (though ‘controller’ is a bit of a misnomer – I have found it a difficult instrument to tame, as you can tell from some of the odd squawks in these performances). Pieces are originals except where the composer is [indicated]. An album, Reeding Aloud, is available on Spotify, iTunes and other platforms.

Blues for Andrew Hughes [Parry]
Changed my shades
A hammer for the boy
Idle weeds
The lost cause [Parry]
My back pages [Dylan]
Room 32/33
Song of the Saltings
Song sun bird morning
Tell me something I don’t know
Um tut sut
West of Plynlimon [Potter]

Here’s a video clip of me with Nance Wilson and the David Ward Trio, performing Smile (Chaplinj)

And here’s a link to Counsel to girls, a setting of Robert Herrick’s poem encouraging maidens to carpe diem. Sam Christie shot the video.