Music and Words

Sid Thomas – keyboards, reeds

IMAG0571I was born long ago in a land far away (well, Wales). I was brought up in a tough neighbourhood and became interested in music because I was afraid to go outside. My earliest influences were the swing records my father brought back from WWII. Soon I discovered bop and became a confirmed beatnik. My first instrument was clarinet, a difficult machine to play in the modern style. To learn the principles of harmony I began noodling around on keyboard and remain an accidental pianist to this day. Elsewhere on this site are audio and video clips of performances on reeds and keyboards. Tracks and albums are available on Spotify, iTunes and other major platforms. In recent years I’ve worked a lot with singers. Here’s a (not very typical) example, featuring Nicky Burgess (voice), James Matthews (drums) and Barry Wise (bass).