Singers singing songs

Here are audio clips (and one or two videos) of some of the singers I’ve worked with. The songs are originals except where the composers are [indicated]

Musicians in these performances include: James Matthews, Andy Hay, Arran Amun, Sam Christie, Tony Bevan (drums, percussion), Barry Wise, Paula Gardiner, Michael Coughlin (bass), Andy Parry, David Ward (guitar), Pete Stacey, David Blyth, Lee Goodall (saxes), me (keyboards, clarinet)

Li Harding

If we did
Everything ends in the end
That kind of girl
That kind of girl (live)
Ugly thing [Thomas/Ougham]
End the beguine
The Glow [Hildebrand]
Everything I’ve got [Rogers/Hart]
Teach me tonight [de Paul/Cahn]

Nicky Burgess

Peel me a grape [Frishberg]
This is not a lovesong [Lydon]
Harvest for the world [Isleys/Jasper]
Everybody knows [Cohen]
Here’s a video of Ces petits riens [Gainsbourg]

Nance Wilson

Autumn leaves [Kosma/Mercer]
Sea fever [Ireland/Masefield arr. Thomas]
A Nightingale sang in Berkley Square [Sherwin/Maschwitz]
Corcovado [Jobim/Lees]
Bad news [Gardot]
Here’s a preview of our forthcoming album, The Country Side of Jazz

Here’s a video from Nance’s Popup Jazz Club, November 2016

Ms Daisy Heaton


Rob Hatch

Bird in flight


Seed leaves [Thomas/Wilbur]
Apple tree [Thomas/Marggraf Turley]
Evening bird [Thomas/Marggraf Turley]
Here’s a video of Blizzard of lies [Frishberg]:

Maggie Nicols

Video clips of several performances with Maggie are available on my YouTube channel.
Here’s one: Crazy [Nelson]