Wilson-Thomas: the music of Nance and Sid

Nance Wilson and Sid Thomas met at Nick Weldon’s Jazz School UK and have been making noises together off and on ever since. Other musicians we’ve worked with include David Ward (guitar), Tony Bevan (drums, percussion), Michael Coughlin and Andy Faulkner (bass).


Here are examples of early and recent stuff. See News for current projects and performances.

Autumn leaves [Kosma/Mercer]
Sea fever [Ireland/Masefield arr. Thomas]
A Nightingale sang in Berkley Square [Sherwin/Maschwitz]
Corcovado [Jobim/Lees]
Bad news [Gardot]

Here’s a video from Nance’s Popup Jazz Club, November 2016

Here’s a preview of our forthcoming album, The Country Side of Jazz