Wilson-Thomas: the music of Nance and Sid

Nance Wilson and Sid Thomas met at Nick Weldon’s Jazz School UK and have been making noises together off and on ever since. Other musicians we’ve worked with include David Ward (guitar), Tony Bevan (drums, percussion), Michael Coughlin and Andy Faulkner (bass).

Nance has recently moved to Melbourne. This will, of course, present a challenge to our continued collaboration, but we have plans for inter-hemisphere projects, which will be reported here.


We made two albums in 2018. Nance has posted several tracks on Soundcloud.

On a recent flying visit from NZ to the Cwtch, Nance sang John Ireland’s setting of the famous John Masefield poem Sea Fever. I’ve reharmonized it for the piano accompaniment.

Loss Aversion is our most recent collection:

Here’s a sample track – If we did.

Our other album is The Country Side of Jazz:


Here’s a sample track – Lazy afternoon


There follow examples of early and recent stuff. There’s more Nance on her Soundcloud page. See News for current projects, performances and downloads.

Autumn leaves [Kosma/Mercer]
Sea fever [Ireland/Masefield arr. Thomas]
A Nightingale sang in Berkley Square [Sherwin/Maschwitz]
Corcovado [Jobim/Lees]
Bad news [Gardot]

Here’s a video from Nance’s Popup Jazz Club, November 2016