Who is this Howard Sidney Thomas person?

I was born and educated in Wales and, after a career in scientific research, I have an emeritus position as Professor of Biology at Aberystwyth University. I now write about evolution, genetics, plant science and anything else that takes my fancy (more about this here).  I’ve also led a parallel life as a devout jazz musician (more here).

I’m a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales and of the Linnean Society of London.

I’m on the board of trustees of the New Phytologist Foundation, where I serve as honorary treasurer.

From 1966 I’ve lived in Aberystwyth, mid Wales. For most of the last ten years or so my wife Helen and I have been spending increasing time in the village of Wye in Kent, whence Helen’s family hails.

Recent news postings

Harvest moon

Nance Wilson, Sid Thomas and some owls perform Neil Young’s Harvest Moon. Play Harvest Moon

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Notes to self

Ouroboros by Maggie Nicols, Pete Stacey and me, is an example of musical cadavre exquis. Thought for the day: In times of extreme, extremists win and moderates in the middle…

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My feeling exactly

Why things get harder. It’s because we start saying: oh, you gotta know all the modes. I’ve never known a mode in my life. Barry Harris

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In press

They keep coming Two new papers accepted for publication: H Thomas. 2022. Biosynthesis of ethylene. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics (in press) BJ Thomas, R Fychan, HM McCalman, R Sanderson,…

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This is a remix of a track from 15 years ago. The original, done in Sonar, was a bit of a dog’s breakfast and I never really liked some of…

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Noel Blanc

The link is to the ubiquitous Christmas song, given a different twist by Veronique and me. You don’t often hear it Latin-style in French, with the rarely sung verse. Joyeux…

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