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HSTI was born and educated in Wales and, after a career in scientific research, I’m now emeritus Professor of Biology at Aberystwyth University. This allows me to carry on with all the nice parts of the old job but without any of the garbage (admin, budgets, staff and student issues, pointless meetings). It means I have been able lately to indulge a special interest in the science-humanities connection. I’ve also led a parallel life as a devout jazz musician.

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  1. Dear Howard Thomas,

    I am taking a science course at the Center for Bright Kids in Colorado and I came across your paper “Senescence, ageing and death of the whole plant”.I was hoping you can answer a few questions that I have:
    1. Can reducing telomerase activity in invasive or unwanted species prevent iteroparous reproduction in the case of long lasting pests (e.g. kudzu or poplar)?
    2. If mutation is not a significant factor in plant senescence, how long would you expect the clonal trees living in areas such as Hiroshima to live?

    Jordan is participating in a program for gifted children who are interested in science and becoming scientists called the Center for Bright Kids. He did research into studies that he found intriguing and he wanted to contact the scientist who took part in this study.

    If you want to contact the program with questions, please email brandontutt@gmail.com. Thanks!

    Brandon Tutt, Instructor

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