Who is this Howard Sidney Thomas person?

I was born and educated in Wales and, after a career in scientific research, I have an emeritus position as Professor of Biology at Aberystwyth University. I now write about evolution, genetics, plant science and anything else that takes my fancy (more about this here).  I’ve also led a parallel life as a devout jazz musician (more here).

I’m a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales and of the Linnean Society of London.

I’m on the board of trustees of the New Phytologist Foundation, where I serve as honorary treasurer.

From 1966 I’ve lived in Aberystwyth, mid Wales. For most of the last ten years or so my wife Helen and I have been spending increasing time in the village of Wye in Kent, whence Helen’s family hails.

Recent news postings

More about the new website

Many thanks to Gary Friend of Ashford Web Services for help with revising and customising the new site, but there’s still much to be done.

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Keats bicentennial

This is nice – an article Richard Marggraf Turley, Jayne Archer and I published almost a decade ago is the opening paper in a special issue of The Review of…

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Green lives matter

Plant blindness is a new book, now available through Summerfield Books and AmazonUK. Without plants there would be no life on Earth. They feed, clothe and nurture us. We need…

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Croissants de soleil

Veronique Bouchet and I continue our collaboration at a distance with this nice chanson. Mostly arranged and performed while apart, completed when Veronique made her first visit to the Cwtch…

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