Inside the box

The inorganic connection

My d.o.b means I can’t be a digital native, but I have used computers in the day job since the Hollerith-mainframe era and was making music with desktops and laptops from the time when midi first came on the scene. Here are examples of digital or digital-human hybrid stuff, including some that are more or less experimental and/or quite a long way from jazz. HAT Magnificent is the name of the collaboration with Ben Thomas, who is a digital native and has a much more sophisticated grasp of the technicalities and creative possibilities of computer-generated music than I do.

Conger Lagoon [HAT Magnificent]
Dave’s didactic hat [HAT Magnificent]
Don’t send me back
Ethan Lounge, The [HAT Magnificent]
Glass [HAT Magnificent]
Longhair [HAT Magnificent]
Man with the pixellated face, The [HAT Magnificent]
Occident [HAT Magnificent]
Very large men with tiny girlfriends

There’s a new remix of Seajellies on Soundcloud and YouTube 

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